Clabbi Book 1.0.3

Clabbi Book 1.0.3


Size:178.0 MB

Date Added:09 July, 2014

Author: CAITORY Inc.

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This app is run only on iPad2, iPhone4, iPhone4s.

"3D fairy tale world that unfolds at the fingertips!"
New concept fairy tale application that integrates character fairy tale + education

* 'Clabbi', the grand prize winning character at the third I Love Character award is launched as a fairy tale app!
* Selected as the 2011 smart content support business by Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA)!
* Limited time free event, commemorating the launch of the original 3D digital interactive multi-dimensional fairy tale "Clabbi book"!

With diverse interactions in a 3D fairy tale world that rotates 360 degrees, children's creativity is increased and cognitive development is enhanced. Do not miss this free event opportunity, try it out!

- main concept -

1. 'Reality' is added to the world in a fairy tale! -> When the digital book is dragged, characters in motion and stages in a fairy tale rotate 360 degrees and one can freely look at the front and rear, as well as both sides.

2. 'Diverse interaction' in harmony with the story -> Instead of simply reading texts, diverse interactions hidden in the screen can be experienced, and fun and enjoyable fairy tale reading can be done.

3. Fantastic harmony of 'fairy tale + playing'! -> Do you have to limit yourself to reading fairy tales because it is a fairy tale app? Enjoy puzzles, Find the different picture, and musical instrument playing! Read fairy tales, enjoy games and get game updates, killing three birds with one stone!

- Usage method -

* With simple and convenient composition, even children can use it easily.
* Look at introduction pages of six characters that move in a cute manner.
* Fairy tales are available in two languages of Korean/English.
* This is a pure, original fairy tale that has been designed as an interactive digital book from its planning stages.
* Easily move with navigation buttons and bottom thumbnails.
* Stages and characters will move 360 degrees if you drag the screen. Zooming in/out is also possible.
* Search for the 'key' inside the fairy tale. You can open the doors for three games.
* 'Puzzle, Find the different picture, Playing musical instrument' are contained in the Clabbi book.
* Game contents are updated regularly. Don't forget it!

- "Clabbi book" Vol. 1 introduction -
* mini concert
Education, enjoyment and emotional aspects are immersed in a story that begins from a small episode. In particular, you can carefully look at the features of musical instruments and listen to their sounds in Clabbibook Vol. 1.
Vol. 2 and 3 are under production, so we ask for your continuous interest!

- Visit Clabbi blog or cafe and leave any questions, reviews and opinions -

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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